Welcome to IHM-New Melle PSR

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish School of Religion Program offers what we've characterized as a  "vitamin supplement" to the "family meal" of faith that parents strive to provide their children at home. Through a study of Christ's teaching as revealed through the Catholic Church, Sunday weekly classes are offered at a convenient time between the 7:30 and 10:00 am morning Masses to provide this supplement of education and faith formation. PSR classes focus on the message of God as revealed in Jesus, knowledge of Scripture and Sacraments, along with guiding and encouraging students in ways to pray, sacrifice and serve, bottom to line be "light and salt" in the world. The IHM logo encapsulates this in an abbreviated way.  IHM-Informed, Hospitable, Missionary.  Through the dedication of our catechists, we seek to be humble witnesses in our collaboration with parents, praying the Holy Spirit will help us fan into flame this gift of faith in all students who come into our presence, into our classrooms.   


PSR classes are offered on Sunday mornings on the parish campus, from 8:45 – 9:45 am for grades 1-8.  We also have educational-formational opportunities for parents (and any high school or older children) in the Grand Hall at the same time (8:45-9:45 am)

There are currently no active events available for registration.

Please check back later.

Enrollment Fees

NOTE: to receive the multi-sibling discount you must register all children at same time

  • 1 Child - $100 Early Bird Price - If registered before 8/25. After that date price will be $125 
  • 2 Children or more- $200 Early Bird Price - If registered before 8/25. After that date price will be $250 
  • Sacramental Fees - Grades 2 and 8 extra fee of $25
  • Home School only - $40/student 

PSR Administration


Shawn Mueller - DRE
P: 636-398-5270
E: smueller@ihm-newmelle.org

Peggy Dupree - Secretary
P: 636-398-5270
E: secretary@ihm-newmelle.org